Welcome to the Team!

This handbook has been prepared to inform new employees of the policies and procedures of this company and to establish the company’s expectations. This page also includes a comprehensive guide to help you navigate your stay on Mackinac Island.


In 1852, Charles O’Malley commissioned the construction of The Island House. Later, Captain Henry Van Allen, a seasoned Great Lakes skipper, acquired the property and relocated it approximately 300 feet offshore to its current location.

By the 1880s, Mackinac Island had gained recognition as America’s premier summer destination, and The Island House had earned its place as the island’s leading family hotel. The Allen family oversaw the hotel’s ownership, operation, and expansion until it was vacated in 1938, with the exception of a brief period when it hosted the Moral Rearmament Movement.

The hotel remained unoccupied until 1949, when a group of investors known as The Island House Incorporated embarked on a mission to restore its former glory. Despite their best efforts, the hotel did not flourish until the Ryba-Callewaert family assumed control in 1969.

After an extensive restoration, the Island House Hotel reopened its doors in 1972 and has since undergone significant improvements and enhancements, solidifying its status as an iconic landmark. It has received prestigious designations, including recognition as a State of Michigan Historic Landmark and a Historic Hotel of America. The hotel has also earned numerous awards from esteemed organizations such as Historic Hotels of America, Condé Nast, Travel + Leisure, and TripAdvisor.

Today, our family of businesses encompasses Island House Hotel, Ryba’s Fudge Shops, Starbucks Mackinac, Mary’s Bistro Draught House, 1852 Grill Room, Ice House, Pancake House, Seabiscuit Cafe, and Pine Cottage Bed & Breakfast.



Our goal is to provide a safe working environment and to provide all guests with the finest products, food, beverages, lodging, and service in as clean and pleasant an atmosphere as possible. We must exceed our guests’ expectations with warm welcomes, sincere smiles, and carefully prepared products. We must pay attention to the smallest detail to ensure that every guest will return to The Island House Hotel, Rena’s Fudge Shops, Inc., and Lukkin Group’s various establishments when next visiting Mackinac Island.

This handbook has been prepared to inform new employees of the policies and procedures of this company and to establish the company’s expectations. It is not all inclusive or intended to provide strict interpretations of our policies; rather, it offers an overview of the work environment. This handbook is not a contract, expressed or implied, guarantying employment for any length of time and is not intended to induce an employee to accept employment with the company. The company reserves the right to unilaterally revise, suspend, revoke, terminate or change any of its policies, in whole or in part, whether described within this handbook or elsewhere, in its sole discretion. If any discrepancy between this handbook and current company policy arises, conform to current company policy. Every effort will be made to keep you informed of the company’s policies; however we cannot guarantee that notice of revisions will be provided. Feel free to ask questions about any of the information within this handbook. This handbook supersedes and replaces any and all personnel policies and manuals previously distributed, made available or applicable to employees.

The first two weeks of employment with The Island House, Rena’s Fudge Shops, Inc., and Lukkin Group will be a period of orientation and training. This period gives the employer and the employee a chance to evaluate each other. The employee will receive their regular rate of pay during this period. Prior to the end of this period, if either party feels a problem exists, a transfer to another position or location within the company may remedy the situation. It may, however, result in termination of employment. Even though you may be hired on a trial basis and continue to be employed after the trial period, your employment may be terminated at any time with or without cause and with or without notice at the option of the company.

Employee Policies

At Island House Hotel, Rena’s Fudge Shops, Inc., and Lukkin Group, each employee’s appearance is very important to us. If our employees can leave a positive initial impression on each guest or customer, it will surely be a lasting one. Each employee’s appearance is a direct reflection of our organization, so take pride in the company you work for and for yourself. Department Heads and the Human Resources Director may implement more specific guidelines within certain departments. Listed below are our basic grooming guidelines:

  • Hairstyles – Most importantly, hair should be neat and clean. Hairstyles that are extreme in nature are unacceptable (i.e. dreadlocks). Dyeing, tinting, and bleaching of an unnatural color (i.e., blue, green, etc.) are also unacceptable.
  • Facial Hair – Front-of-the-house employees must be clean-shaven. Mustaches and beards pre-existing at the time of hire must be neatly trimmed and meet individual departmental standards. Sideburns may be no longer than the bottom of the earlobe and must be neatly trimmed to meet departmental standards.
  • Jewelry – Jewelry of an excessive or ostentatious nature is not acceptable while working. Men are to wear no earrings during working hours. Women may wear up to two earrings in each ear. Piercings in any other locations that are publicly visible are not to be worn during working hours. A clear plug is the only acceptable replacement.
  • Tattoos – Tattoos are to be covered so that they are not visible during working hours.

Rate of pay is indicated on your Acceptance of Employment Agreement. All employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. You may pick up your paycheck every other Monday after 10:30 AM from your supervisor. There will be no cash advances and checks will not be handed out early. Any discrepancies in your paycheck should be reported to your supervisor or Human Resources. Listed below is additional information for tipped employees:

  • Tipping Out – Tipped employees will be expected to share a portion of their gratuities with support employees such as bartenders or bussers. All employees are required to report tips earned daily. Tip reports will be provided by supervisors and should be returned upon completion. Federal and State law require that all tips be reported.
  • Charge Tips – Tips that are paid through the company in the cases of group tours, weddings, and banquets, will be included in your paychecks. Taxes will be deducted. Cash tips must be reported on your Federal and State Tax Forms.

*We do offer direct deposit for all employees, so you are able to simply maintain your existing bank account. Once direct deposit is set up it will take two pay cycles to become effective. Meaning, in most situations, the first check would be a paper check. You should plan accordingly. 

All employees are required and expected to report for work when scheduled. This means being ready to work when your schedule states. If you are unable to report on time, contact your supervisor directly, two hours before your scheduled shift. If you are unable to contact your supervisor directly, please contact the Human Resource Director. Do not leave a message with other employees. Whenever possible, arrange a replacement before calling in sick. In some cases of illness, a doctor’s note may be required.

*Late call-ins are not tolerated and excessive absenteeism (three) or tardiness will result in termination.

Employees must arrive, in uniform, and be ready to begin work 10 minutes before each shift. There are limited areas in which to change at work, so it is advised that one wear their uniform to work. When your shift begins, you will be asked to punch in on the time clock, or other device. When your shift is completed, check with your supervisor before punching out. Never leave the property without checking with your supervisor first.

All schedule requests for time off should be submitted directly to your supervisor. We hope that your time on Mackinac Island is as enjoyable as possible, and to help, schedule requests will be granted whenever possible. Remember, however, a schedule request is not a guarantee for the time off. If circumstances dictate, you will be scheduled to work.

All shift changes must be approved, and changed on the schedule, by a manager. Please consult with your supervisor regarding the proper procedure. If you have a schedule conflict, please consult with your supervisor.

There are times during the season that employees may be required to work in areas other than the one in which you normally work, known as a lateral transfer. This should be viewed as a positive experience and a chance to become familiar with another operation of the business.

Employees may be required to purchase portions of their uniforms. Uniform requirements are listed in your job description. Cost typically starts around $30 to $40 for employee provided portions of the uniform All employees are responsible for uniform additions and requirements as stated in each Job Description. You should purchase those items prior to arriving, as it will be difficult to find them on the Island.

Laundry service is provided for employee uniforms Monday, Wednesday, and Friday prior to 11:00 AM, and will be ready the following day. There are coin operated laundry facilities in each dormitory.

Company uniforms are not to be worn off the job at any time.

As in all service related businesses the guest is our reason for operation. They provide our wages and the company’s existence. All patrons are welcome in our facilities, and it’s important to remember to never argue with a guest. If a problem develops and it is beyond your ability to handle it calmly, please contact your supervisor.

Acknowledge guests when they first appear and treat them with respect and courtesy. Attempt to learn their names (Mr. and Mrs., etc.), by using the guest’s name, you tap a sensitive human emotion; an emotion that opens doors and says to the guest, “You are welcome here.” We cannot afford to pass up this opportunity, as the rewards of these efforts are immediate and long lasting. Always deal with patrons in a pleasant manner and always smile.

Our goal is to provide a safe working environment and to provide all guests with the finest products, food, beverages, lodging and service in as clean and pleasant an atmosphere as possible. We must exceed our guests’ expectations with warm welcomes, sincere smiles, and carefully prepared products. We must pay attention to the smallest detail to ensure that every guest will return to The Island House Hotel, Rena’s Fudge Shops, Inc., and Lukkin Group’s various establishments when next visiting Mackinac Island.

Report all job-related accidents to your supervisor immediately, regardless of the severity. All job-related accidents must be reported for our guests as well as our employees. Remember to use common sense and to take care.

Employees can enjoy discounted dining at Pancake House, Seabiscuit Café, Ice House BBQ, or Mary’s Bistro Draught House, excluding alcohol. A minimum 15% gratuity, based on the full menu price, is expected for servers. Please vacate your table if you’re done with your meal during peak hours, as we prioritize our guests. Additionally, our employees are entitled to discounts at our Starbucks.

When booked through proper reservation channels, family members may stay at Island House Hotel and receive a discount. Due to the nature of the resort industry, if the hotel reaches full occupancy during their stay, they will be charged the full rate.

While employed by The Island House Hotel, Rena’s Fudge Shops, Inc., and Lukkin Group, employees are not allowed to use guest rooms for personal purposes, even if they are paying guests.

This policy applies to all Island House, Rena’s, and Lukkin Group employees and covers all media forms, including broadcast, print, and social media.


  • Social Media: Social media plays a crucial role in shaping your and our public image. As ambassadors of our brands, employees are expected to use social media responsibly and professionally to contribute positively to your reputation and ours.
  • Professional Conduct: Maintain professionalism in all media interactions. Do not disclose confidential information or engage in behavior that could harm the reputation of our family, brands, or businesses.
  • Confidentiality & Privacy: Respect the confidentiality and privacy of guests, customers, and colleagues. Do not share sensitive or proprietary information. Obtain explicit consent from the subject of all images or videos before sharing. Be cautious when discussing guests, colleagues, or workplace matters. Avoid negative or defamatory comments.
  • Personal vs. Company Opinions: We acknowledge the right to express personal opinions and encourage transparency when discussing company-related topics objectively. Please do so responsibly and respectfully. Identify yourself as an individual expressing personal views, not necessarily reflecting those of the company. Do not speak on behalf of the company unless authorized by the Director of Human Resources, Director of Marketing, or a member of the Callewaert family. Ensure all shared content aligns with our values and policies.
  • Compliance: Adhere to all applicable laws and regulations governing social media, including privacy and copyright laws.
  • Support and Reporting: The company is committed to providing training and resources to help employees understand and adhere to this policy effectively. It is expected of all employees to report potential violations of this policy to the Human Resources Director. For questions or concerns, contact the Human Resources office directly.

Consequences: Violating this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Our company prohibits employee discrimination of any kind, including sexual harassment by employees, managers, vendors, and customers.

Sexual Harassment is defined as any harassment based on a person’s sex, such as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature, including offensive remarks about a person’s gender. Both males and females can be victims of sexual harassment.

Prohibited behavior includes any behavior that creates an offensive work environment
(Hostile Environment) or that results in an adverse employment decision such as the victim being fired or demoted (Quid pro Quo).

Individuals violating this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.

Employees, regardless of their gender, are required to report suspected sexual harassment directly to the HR manager immediately.

Complaints of harassment will be documented and investigated as soon as possible and a resolution provided to the victim in a reasonable amount of time. Insofar as possible, complaints will be maintained as confidential to prevent retaliation while the complaint is being researched and/or resolved.

In addition, our company prohibits retaliation of any kind against an individual claiming harassment.

Staff Housing Guidelines

Housing is offered to employees to aid with their smooth integration into the community and as an added convenience for its team members. In return, it is asked that all those living in staff housing treat the facility, and all those responsible for its upkeep, and security, with respect.

Only employees of The Island House Hotel, Rena’s Fudge Shops, Inc., and Lukkin Group are eligible to live in housing. No one under 18 years of age may be a resident or guest in staff housing, due to requirements and stipulations set forth by insurers.

Men’s, Women’s, and Coed housing is dormitory style. Each has kitchen facilities equipped with a full-size refrigerator, stove, and microwave oven. Basic pots, pans and utensils are also furnished. There are fully furnished common living areas. There are also on-site coin operated laundry facilities. All bathrooms are shared.

Wi-Fi is provided in employee housing free of charge. Our network is available through most of the Downtown area as well. There are many free networks in the downtown area and many island businesses have open networks for their customers.


Our Men’s Housing, known as Georgetown, is approximately a mile and a half from The Island House Hotel and about a mile from the downtown area, where all other businesses are located.

Women’s Housing, known as Corby Heights, is conveniently located in the heart of downtown and is about four blocks from The Island House Hotel.


Our Co-Ed Housing, known as Brownsville, is approximately a mile and a half from Island House Hotel and about a mile from the downtown area, where all other businesses are located.

Room occupancy will not exceed two persons, but you should be prepared to share a room. Rooms are collegiate style with basic furnishings. It is necessary that you bring your own bedding. The beds are all twin XL size, and you will need a blanket, sheets, and a pillow. For employees traveling from overseas or traveling by plane, we do have bedding available and you do not need to pack these items. Human Resources assigns all rooms and roommates. If you have specific room or roommate requests, we will do our best to accommodate, however, final room assignments must be respected.

Housing is provided at a cost of $95.00 per week, which includes all utility fees and is deducted from employee’s bi-weekly paycheck, partial weeks are pro-rated by the day.

All residents in staff housing are not only responsible for their own behavior in housing, but for the behavior of any guest they might have in housing. The resident is responsible for any illegal activities or for any damage that may be perpetrated by their guest in housing.

All residents of a room, or in some cases of the entire house, will be held responsible for any damage or illegal activity that a specific individual does not take responsibility for.

All the housing facilities are equipped with monitored fire detection systems. Detection devices are not to be tampered with for safety reasons. In addition, there is a high replacement cost involved since all units are connected to a central system.

Fire extinguishers and pull stations are located on each floor for emergency use only.

Due to the nature of the resort industry, not everyone living in housing will share the same work schedule. Quiet hours have been established from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM to ensure that the majority of the residents are able to rest.

During quite hours, noise should not be heard from hallways, windows, rooms, or common areas.

By moving into staff housing, residents agree that the landlord and its agents have access to the premises at all reasonable times for any of the following reasons:

  • To periodically conduct unit inspections.
  • To conduct fire and safety inspections.
  • To show premises to prospective tenants.
  • To make repairs additions or alterations as necessary.

Any resident that violates housing rules and regulations is subject to a written infraction notice or eviction from housing. A housing infraction notice is a warning that if the violation occurs again that resident may be evicted. If a rule violation occurs in a room and no one individual claims responsibility, all residents in that room will receive an infraction notice.

Copies of the infraction notices are forwarded through the Human Resources Director to employee’s direct supervisors. Residents are encouraged to contact the HR Director when they receive a notice.

The use or possession of illegal drugs, narcotics, drug paraphernalia, or controlled substances in or on company property is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including discharge. The toleration of illegal behavior is equal to the behavior itself.

The legal drinking age in Michigan is 21, and underage drinking is a violation of State law. It is also illegal to provide or purchase alcohol for anyone that is not of age. Violation of these laws will not be tolerated in staff housing. In addition, common source parties are not permitted in staff housing (i.e. kegs or bulk dispensers).

Firearms are not allowed in staff housing. Possession of, or storage of, a firearm in staff housing will result in expulsion from housing.

Resident’s rooms, or sections of rooms, must be cleaned and left in an orderly fashion at time of move out. The housing manager must inspect rooms at the time of check out. If rooms are not left in the same state they were found in, a $35.00 cleaning charge will be deducted from the resident’s final paycheck. Any damages found at that time will also result in charges.

The resident agrees to remove all personal property from housing at, or before, the time of vacating. All property not removed shall be deemed abandoned, and disposed of by the landlord.

Getting to Mackinac Island

All new and returning employees must arrange their own transportation to and from Mackinac Island. In addition, the employee must cover all relocation costs incurred. It is important to budget money accordingly, it may be up to three weeks before your first payday.

Commercial Airports

The closest commercial airports are the Pellston Regional Airport or Chippewa County International Airport. Both are small regional airports serviced by Delta. Connecting flights from other larger airports in Michigan are available. Both airports are about 25 miles away from Mackinaw City or St. Ignace, where ferries are available to Mackinac Island. Ground shuttles are available from the airport into Mackinaw City. We recommend Northern Transport.


Fresh Air Aviation also flies from St. Ignace airport. Call 906-285-6727 for fares, reservations, and flight times.

Greyhound Bus Line

Greyhound has service to the area with stations in both Mackinaw City and St. Ignace. There is only a curbside drop off in Mackinaw City, but it is across the street from Shepler’s Ferry, which is also within short walking distance to multiple hotels. There is small indoor bus station in St. Ignace, but it is about a mile walk to the ferries and a half mile to the nearest hotel. Visit greyhound.com or call 800-231-222 for more information.

Other Bus Options

It will be necessary to take a ferry from the mainland to Mackinac Island. The cost is about $35.00 for a round trip ticket. Once on the island, discounted employee tickets can be purchased from both ferry lines, but they are not available for purchase on the mainland. There are two ferry companies that service the island and are available from both Mackinaw City and St. Ignace to Mackinac Island. Be sure to check their schedules before you make your travel plans.

Star Line Ferry

Mackinaw City Dock
801 Huron Street 587, Mackinaw City

St. Ignace Dock
N. State Street, St. Ignace

Shepler’s Ferry

Mackinaw City Dock
556 East Central Avenue, Mackinaw City

St. Ignace Dock
601 N. State Street, St. Ignace

If you intend to bring a car with you, it will be necessary to store it on the mainland, since there are no motorized vehicles allowed on the island. Both ferry lines offer a variety of seasonal parking options at their off-island locations in St. Ignace and Mackinaw City. There are packages available for purchase as well as seasonal commuter tickets. It is wise to contact the ferry and check pricing prior to arrival. Information regarding this service may be obtained by contacting either of the ferry services.

Packing For Mackinac

When packing your belongings, use large plastic bin containers. They are weather protected and will be able to handle the conditions of the Island. Make sure that you put your name and address on every piece of luggage and furniture that will be coming to the Island. At the ferry, you will load all of your belongings onto a cart that will be rolled onto the boat.

Taxi & Dray Service

Once you dock onto the island, your belongings will be carted off the boat and you will need to move everything to your new home. You will need to make prior arrangements with the Taxi or Dray Service.

Taxi Service

Mackinac Island Carriage Tours 906-847-3323

Dray Service

Mackinac Island Service Company 906-847-3713

More information about regarding schedules and
fares can be found by visiting www.mict.com

Living on Mackinac Island

Most major cell phone providers have towers that cover the area; however, we are in a very remote area and coverage is not perfect. Do not have friends or relatives call you at work. In an emergency, someone may contact you through Human Resources at (906) 847-7196.


The Post Office is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM Saturdays. There is access to PO Boxes until 8:00 PM daily.

P.O. Boxes may be rented for under $20 for 6 months.


102 Market Street


7325 Main Street, B, (Coal Dock)

Sending Packages

Do not have mail sent ‘c/o The Island House.’ Personal mail is not to be received at work without express permission

Shipping of packages via UPS or FedEx can be addressed to the HR Office. You will be notified via email when packages arrive.

Callewaert Family Human Resources
7463 Main Street, Mackinac Island, MI 49757

Attn: Your name
c/o J. Ryan Macy

Central Savings Bank of St. Ignace

Summer Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm
Address: 21 Hoban Street

Call: 906-847-3759

ATM is located at the Star Line Dock 1

First National Bank of St. Ignace

Hours: Monday- Friday, 8:30am – 4:00pm
Saturday, 9:00am –12:00pm
Address: 7399 Market Street

Call: 906-847-3732

ATM located outside of bank

Both banks are equipped with an ATM. Safety deposit boxes are available for a yearly rental fee and a $40.00 deposit.

The bank will not cash personal out of town checks unless you have an account. The bank will, however, cash our employee pay checks, but it is necessary to bring your social security card and driver’s license. Both banks are able to open savings accounts for seasonal employees.

Since there are no cars on the Island, it is suggested that you bring a bicycle. Bikes must be registered with the Mackinac Island Police Department (Ordinance NO. 259) at a cost of approximately five dollars. Not only does this provide information to the city in assessing traffic needs, but assists in locating missing bikes. It is also recommended that you bring, and use, a lock as a precautionary measure. Employees are not to park bikes in front of the Hotel; racks are located behind the Hotel.

Bike Safety
  1. Watch For Horses – Please be prepared for very busy streets. Be cautious of horses at all times as it is difficult for them to stop quickly.
  2. No Training Wheels – No person shall operate a bike with training wheels on Main Street, Market Street or Cadotte Avenue.
  3. Walk On Sidewalks – Pedestrians need to walk on the sidewalk for their own safety. Please look before stopping in the street, turning or crossing the streets at all times.
  4. Stay To The Right – Please stay to the tight side of the street and keep bikes within the white line when parking on the street.
  5. Bike Parking – Please do not park bicycles on sidewalks or lock them to fixed objects. Burleys, tandem or bikes without kickstands must use off street parking.
24-Hour Taxi Service

There is a 24-hour horse drawn taxi service on the island that can help you move your luggage to and from housing if needed. The cost is roughly $10 and they can be reached at (906) 847-3323. Please note that putting bicycles on the taxi is not permitted.

There is a medical center on the island, as well as an ambulance and plane service for those in need of immediate care that is not available on the island. However, there is no pharmacy. Tylenol, Advil, etc. are readily available at many stores, but it is advisable to bring any medications you think you may need.

Groceries On Mackinac

Doud’s Market

7200 Main Street

Doud’s is the market located on the island and has a limited selection of most items. Living in a resort area, you will find that everything is given resort prices, which are much higher than normal. It is suggested that you bring some groceries with you to help save money. The market is a full line grocery store which also offers breakfast, lunch
and dinners at the deli counter.

Open daily from 7:30am until 12:00am during peak season.

Doud’s Market & Deli

7395 Main Street

The market’s second, smaller location is open during the summer months and offers deli goods, snacks, beer and wine.

Harrisonville General Store

6th Street

This little store is located up in Harrisonville (in the Village) and offers a variety of things. There is something for everyone. They sell groceries,household items, snacks, beer and wine. Only cash is accepted, so come prepared.

Summer peak hours are Monday–Saturday from
10:00am until 10:00pm. Sunday’s from 12:00pm until 7:00pm.

Off-Island Groceries

The nearest big box store is in Cheboygan, which is about a 20-minute drive from Mackinaw City in the Lower Peninsula.

You may choose to shop off Island from time to time, so you will need to have bins with lids, coolers, ice packs and always have your things marked with your name and address. You will load and unload your bins at the ferry and will need to either bike it all back home, or arrange dray delivery ahead of time.

Mackinac Island is lucky to be able to transition through all four seasons of Michigan weather, meaning things can change quickly and you should be prepared for temperatures that fall below freezing in the spring and fall, and climb into the upper-80s in the summer.

Here’s a look at what a typical year’s temperatures will be:

  • April 48° / 31° 6 Days Rain/Snow
  • May 61° / 41° 7 Days Rain/Snow
  • June 70° / 51° 6 Days Rain/Snow
  • July 76° / 57° 6 Days Rain/Snow
  • August 74° / 56° 7 Days Rain/Snow
  • September 66° / 49° 8 Days Rain/Snow
  • October 53° / 39° 9 Days Rain/Snow

Places of Interest

Most the Mackinac Island attractions, shops, and services offer an island employee discount upon request.

Astor’s Salon at Grand Hotel
Lakeside Spa & Salon at Mission Point
Vintage Glam Salon


Approximately 85% of the Island is State Park. Trail maps are available
at the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau and the MSHP Visitors Center.


Great Turtle Park
2601 Crest View Drive

The park is located in Harrisonville and can be accessed via 6th or 7th Street off Cadotte Avenue or Cupids Pathway. Great Turtle Park currently houses a soccer field, sand volleyball court, basketball court, softball field, disc golf course, pavilion with a fireplace and seasonal bathrooms. Park closes at 10:00pm.

Cindy’s Riding Stable 906-847-3572
Gough Carriages 906-847-1053
Jack’s Livery 906-847-3391
Mackinac Island Carriage Tours 906-847-3307

Mackinac Community Equestrian Center

Off-Island Services

Department of Immigration

Sault Ste. Marie 906-632-8822

EUP Community Dispute Resolution

128 W. Spruce Street, Arlington Plaza, Suite 7, Sault Ste. Marie


Legal Services of Northern Michigan

130 W. Spruce Street, Sault Ste. Marie 906-632-3361

Mackinac County Courthouse

100 S. Marley Street, St Ignace 906-643-7300

Secretary of State

395 N. State Street, St Ignace 888-767-6424

Hospital & Medical Centers

Mackinac Straits Hospital and Health

Center St. Ignace Medical Clinic 906-643-8285

McLaren Northern Michigan

Cheboygan Medical Center 800-248-6777

Petoskey Medical Center 231-487-2000

Community Health Access Collation

Community Health Care/Financial Assistance Programs 906-643-7253 

LMAS District Health Department, St. Ignace

Public Health Clinic dedicated to providing county residents with disease prevention, environmental hazard protection, health promotion and emergency management through education and advocacy. COVID-19 vaccinations are available through LMAS District Health Department.


Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP)

The health plan manages the care of Upper Peninsula residents enrolled in Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan, MIChild, Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS), MI Health Link, or Medicare Advantage.



Dental Clinics North

Cheboygan Clinic – A partnership of local health departments.


Other Resources

Diane Peppler Resource Center, St. Ignace

Crisis counseling, advocacy, resources and referrals. Shelter for domestic abuse and sexual assault victim available.

800-882-1515, 24 hour hotline.

NorthCare Network

Mental health and substance use disorder resources. northcarenetwork.org Toll Free: 888-333-8030

Sault Tribe Health and Human Services Health

Counseling, Substance Abuse.


Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan

Petoskey Mental health, domestic abuse, drug/alcohol abuse,


Suggested Packing List

Below is a list of items that are sometimes overlooked by people coming to work on the island. It is by no means a definitive list, as it doesn’t include basic clothing or uniform items you will need, but it should help you to make your own more detailed list.


Warm clothing is suggested for anyone working in the early or late part of the season. Northern Michigan is known for its unpredictable weather, and warm days and cool evenings are the norm even in the summer.

  • Swimsuit
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Shower Shoes
  • Water Shoes

    (Our beaches are rocky)

  • Rain Gear
  • Warm Jacket
  • Warm Hat
  • Mittens or Gloves

Hygiene Products

Doud’s is the local market here on Mackinac Island, offering a limited range of products. Being situated in a resort area, you’ll notice that prices tend to be significantly higher than usual. As a result, it’s advisable to bring essentials like toiletries and laundry detergent with you to save on expenses.

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Hair Products

    (comb, brush, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, etc.)

  • Deodorant
  • Cologne/Perfume
  • Makeup
  • Feminine Products
  • Shaving Kit
  • Contact Lens Case & Solution
  • Glasses
  • Bath Towels & Wash Clothes


  • Prescription Medicines
  • Over-the-Counter Medicines

    (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Pepto-Bismol, etc.)

  • First Aid Kit


  • Beach Towel
  • Bicycle

    Be sure you have front and back fenders on the tires. Also, a basket is nice to have as well.

  • Twin XL Size Bedding

    Sheet, Pillow, Blanket

  • Sunscreen
  • Backpack
  • Headlamp / Flashlight
  • Water Bottle
  • Headphones
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Chargers

    Phone, Laptop, Electronics

  • Alarm Clock

    Don’t depend solely on your phone

  • Umbrella
  • Hairdryer
  • Pens & Paper