The Best Places to Work on Mackinac Island

We are looking for adventurous people to work on Mackinac Island throughout the May through October season. Opportunities are available at Island House Hotel, 1852 Grill Room, Ice House BBQ, Pancake House, Mary’s Bistro Draught House, Starbucks, Island House Bicycle Rental, Pine Cottage Bed & Breakfast, Seabiscuit Cafe, and Ryba’s Fudge Shops. Candidates can work for varying lengths of time; the longer in the season a person can work, the better.

Where To Work On Mackinac Island

Island House Hotel

Discover a unique work opportunity at the esteemed Island House Hotel on Mackinac Island. With a commitment to excellence and a legacy steeped in history, joining our team promises an enriching and unforgettable journey. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you’ll forge lasting connections with a dedicated team, while fostering personal and professional growth in a dynamic environment. Watch this video to dive into the hotel’s storied past, tracing its evolution from a haven for high society.

Hotel History

Ryba’s Mackinac Island Fudge Shop

Join the team at Ryba’s Fudge Shop on Mackinac Island and indulge in a delightful blend of tradition and craftsmanship. Renowned for our handcrafted fudge, made using cherished family recipes, Ryba’s offers an opportunity to be part of a beloved island institution. As a valued member of our team, you’ll share the joy of fudge with visitors from near and far. Discover the art of fudge-making with us and contribute to the timeless tradition of spreading happiness through each mouthwatering bite. Watch this video tutorial to see how we make our delicious Mackinac Island fudge!

Ryba’s History

All Opportunities Available

Benefits of Working on Mackinac Island

Mackinac island's main street during sunset

Employee Discounts

Some businesses offer exclusive discounts for employees on Mackinac. These discounts can range from dining and shopping to various recreational activities, enhancing the overall experience of living and working on the island. This practice creates a sense of community among islanders, while encouraging you to explore Mackinac Island’s unique offerings!

Employee Housing

We are proud to offer our employees housing on Mackinac Island. This perk helps with work-life balance by minimizing commute times and will help you seamlessly integrate into our vibrant community. You can fully enjoy the serene lifestyle of Mackinac Island, and eliminate the stress of trying to securing accommodation on your own. Stay tuned for more information as we are currently renovating employee housing!

Employee Housing On Mackinac Island

arch on mackinac island

Picturesque Environment

Immersed in the midst of crystal-clear waters, lush forests, and historic architecture, you will have the unique opportunity to soak up the island’s picturesque environment! Whether it’s a peaceful morning walk along the shoreline, a leisurely bike ride on car-free trails, or a sunset viewing from a scenic overlook, the island offers endless moments of natural beauty. This constant connection to nature not only enhances your work-life balance but also provides a daily reminder of the rare privilege to work in such a beautiful place!

Island House Hotel Staff Members

Meaningful Connections

Working on Mackinac Island gives you the opportunity to meet and forge friendships with people from around the globe. As a premier vacay destination, the island attracts a diverse array of visitors and workers alike, offering a unique melting pot of cultures, and backgrounds. This environment fosters the development of rich, lasting friendships that transcend the workplace. Meeting people from different walks of life is sure to enrich your work experience while helping you make meaningful connections!

Working On Mackinac Island

Discover the magic of working on Mackinac Island with all your questions answered. Whether you’re curious about how to apply, where workers live, or working on an island, we’re here to provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Let us guide you through the exciting opportunities of working on Mackinac Island this season!

To be considered for employment, you must complete our online application. If you do not see your desired job listed, please list that position in the additional comments section. Once you have finished the online application form, you may also email your resume if you so desire.


To work on Mackinac Island, start by searching for job opportunities online or contacting local businesses directly. Most positions are seasonal, with work running from May through October. Hiring takes place throughout the year, with most interviews occurring during January through April.  Start your search at

Many people find working on Mackinac Island rewarding due to its picturesque setting, unique atmosphere, and seasonal charm. However, factors like housing costs and the island’s remote location may influence your decision.

Yes, many workers live on Mackinac Island during the summer season. Some employers offer housing for their staff on Mackinac Island or on the mainland in St. Ignace.

You can apply for seasonal jobs on Mackinac Island online at  Complete the online application and submit a resume to stand out.

Yes, there are often job opportunities for college students, particularly in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Positions in hotels, restaurants, and shops are common.

You can apply for seasonal jobs on Mackinac Island by checking online. is a great resource. Complete the online application and submit a resume to stand out.

Popular summer jobs on Mackinac Island include roles in hospitality in hotels, restaurants, and retail positions.

Typical the minimum age to live in staff housing on Mackinac Island is 18, but this varies by employer. Some businesses may hire younger individuals if they have nearby housing.

Wages on Mackinac Island can vary based on the type of job and employer. Entry-level positions in the tourism and hospitality industry may offer hourly wages, and some jobs may also provide tips.

Some of the perks of working on Mackinac Island include a unique and picturesque environment, the opportunity to meet people from around the world, access to recreational activities, and the chance to be part of the island’s vibrant seasonal community. Some employers may also offer housing or employee discounts.